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Technology designed to optimize workouts

At Vacu Activ, we are firm believers that optimal performance begins with cutting-edge technology. We offer a wide range of tools and solutions designed to enhance your strength and overall fitness from within. Our vision is to shape a future where technological innovations seamlessly improve our biology. It is our mission to harness the power of technology to elevate our bodies, both internally and externally. Join us on this transformative journey towards unlocking your true potential.

Since 2002, we have been producing innovative fitness and cryotherapy devices for health business. We use the biohacking technology dedicated to optimizing health, it’s incomparable to regular big box gyms in the fitness industry. We meet the expectations of customers by offering world-class equipment. Our company’s mission is to create high-quality devices using the latest technology and combine them into one device to increase efficiency and trigger activities. Taking care of health, and healthy lifestyle habits without spending hours in a gym, inspired us to creative processes.

Our devices adapt to people and their lifestyles. We change with the changing reality, looking toward the future. We draw on both modern technological and aesthetic solutions, taking care of the unique design of our products. We are consistently strengthening ourselves as a leader in the production of fitness and cryotherapy devices. We systematically build the trust of our clients and business partners.

Vacu Activ is a brand awarded at national and international fairs and competitions. We employ people with passion and we produce quality. We offer professional service and full service. The qualified team provides consulting services in the field of planning and equipping the space with our devices. We are Vacu Activ.


National and international certificates are evidence of the company’s verifiable quality standards for processes and products. We are proud that we have repeatedly earned them. In every certificate, we see undisputed proof of long-term commitment to sustainability from both our management and employees.


Vacu Activ has won the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair for Innovative Solutions and the Highest Quality of manufactured devices.

The technical excellence of our device made Vacu Activ appreciated not only by our customers but also by outstanding people from the commission at this year’s Poznań Fair and selected from among thousands of products presented by 200 exhibitors at the Beauty Vision fair. Vacu Activ is the only company in this industry to be awarded the QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2011 and Product of the Year 2011 awards.

The quality of the Year 2011 and the Product of the Year 2011 is a distinction for us and confirmation that we are perceived as a trustworthy business partner. We attach the highest importance to the standards and quality of our Vacu Activ devices and Fitness equipment.

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