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Hello! We are world leading manufacturer

Since 2002, Vacu Activ has been producing innovative slimming and cryotherapy devices. We meet the expectations of customers by offering world-class equipment. Our company’s mission is to create high-quality devices using the latest technology and to trigger activities. Human and his needs inspire our creative processes.

Our devices adapt to people and their lifestyle. We change with the changing reality, looking to the future. We draw on both modern technological and aesthetic solutions, taking care of the unique design of our products. We are consistently strengthening ourselves as a leader in the production of slimming and cryotherapy devices. We systematically build the trust of our clients and business partners…

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Revolutionary capsule that maximizes the effectiveness of training on a stationary bike.

Cryo Local
Polar Bear

Localized cryotherapy device for wellness, physiotherapy and sport medicine.

Cryo Total

Cryo Total is a cryotherapy chamber which used cooling by cold air, which is a most advanced technology than cooling by nitrogen vapor.


This rollmassage make full use of the available technology with quiet operation and efficiency enhancements such as infra-red lamps

Activ Endermology Solo

Very effective device for cellulite reduction and improve skin elasticity

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