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Fully electric cryotherapy chamber

Liquid nitrogen free

Fully electric cryotherapy chamber, completely free of liquid nitrogen. Incredibly efficient and economical, ensuring low power consumption. Quick cooling of the cabin to the appropriate treatment temperature. Smart voice notifications and ambient lightning will improve patients mood and overall experience. Stunning 21-inch large screen touch display to simply manage capsule.

Extremely low
temperatures up to


Vacu Activ has developed an efficient technology that allows the electric cryochamber to be cooled down to -110°C in a very short time, using only electrical power. We offers the highest level of efficiency and safety, whilst delivering premium quality single-person cryotherapy sessions to the end-user with low energy power consumption.

Low energy

Cryo Hybrid has efficient cooling system which has been designed to reduce power consumption and high efficiency. Thanks to this, we were able to obtain a power consumption of 4.7 kWh per hour, which gives low operating cost of the device and a quick return on investment.

Low energy

4,7 kWh

Low operating

$6 per day
*The value provided is approximate and may vary by country and region.

up to 100+ sessions per day

Make a profit, cut expenses, and provide the best experience possible. These are the main goals that lead to highest return on investment (ROI) possible. Buy the right cryotherapy chamber and meet these goals. The Cryo Hybrid is an energy efficient, high performing machine that has proven to be the most profitable in the industry.

ROI calculator


Session per hour

5 persons per hour



Session price


Business days


Eelctricity cost

The most recent reports from the EIA show the average residential electricity rate in the U.S. is 15.42 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh).


Estimated average revenue

$60 000

per month

Best effects after

10 sessions

The best and long-lasting effects after cryotherapy treatments are obtained after a minimum of 10 regular sessions at short intervals, every day or every 2nd day. In order to increase immunity, performance and maintain physical and mental health, we recommend repeating a series of cryotherapy treatments every quarter.


mental health

Regular cryotherapy treatments are completely painless, additionally increase the level of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, which translates into improved well-being and significantly affects mental health, reducing depression, anxiety and stress. Each of us knows how well systematic cold showers or ice baths have a pro-health effects on our body and immune system. Unfortunately, those solutions are time consuming take a lot effort and are very uncomfortable. Cryotherapy is an ideal alternative that saves time and is pleasant for patients.

Improves the

quality of sleep

Hardening our body with extremely low temperatures thanks to cryotherapy treatments has many advantages, including helping with the problem of insomnia or interrupted sleep. Thanks to cold therapy, our body can easily enter and maintain the deep REM sleep phase, which is essential to cognitive functions like memory, learning, and creativity. REM sleep is known for the most vivid dreams, which is explained by the significant uptick in brain activity.

The use of the latest solutions and technologies makes it possible to obtain a adequate negative temperature (-110°C) in the cabin in a very short time to start the cryotherapy treatment. Whole sytem was built of appropriate, large vents and a very efficient and powerful aggregate, which quickly cools the cabin interior evenly. The entire cooling process allows you to quickly prepare the device for treatments and saves your time and money, making it easier make up to 100+ sessions during one day.

up to



Application of cryotherapy in medicine
The use of extremely low temperatures supports the treatment of many different ailments. Experts unanimously say that applying cold air to the body greatly relieves inflammation and pain due to the body's physiological response to a dramatic drop temperature. Through the systematic use of cold therapy, we strengthen the cardiovascular system and the immune system. More and more doctors and therapists in the field of orthopedics, physiotherapy consists of treatments in Vacu Activ cryochambers.
Application of cryotherapy in sports
In amateur and professional sports, regeneration is a key factor in achieving training goals and increasing the body's efficiency. The use of cryotherapy by athletes or people actively engaged in physical activity significantly accelerates the recovery of strength after training, competition or injury. Systematic use of cold also has a protective effect on muscles and joints, making them more resistant to various types of injuries, contusions and increasing their efficiency. Athletes use it to reduce pain in muscles and joints while simultaneously relaxing, and also to regenerate specific areas.
Application of cryotherapy in wellness
Cryotherapy is used in various health areas, also in beauty or improving mental health. Cooling your whole body with cold drastically reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, allowing your muscles to relax and speed up your metabolism. The body reacts to the low temperature in the Cryo Hybrid cabin, produces more collagen, which improves the condition of the skin and improves oxygenation, giving it elasticity. In addition to its many regenerative benefits, Cryo Hybrid will also improve the appearance and well-being of your customers.

Quick &
drying of the

We have equipped the capsule with a very efficient drying system that very thoroughly and quickly dries the inside of the capsule, removing all moisture. The powerful heat exchanger distributes the warm air inside the cabin through the large vents. The drying process, depending on the condition of the room, takes up to 2 hours, thanks to which the cabin is prepared for next treatments and is safe for your patients.

Double layered glass

When designing the Cryo Hybrid electric cryotherapy capsule, our engineers put a lot of effort on achieving very low temperatures inside the cabin with the lowest possible power consumption to maintain a high cost-effectiveness. That is why we tried to refine each element of the device using the best solutions. For this purpose, we used a double layered, high-quality tempered, chamber glass, to obtain even better isolation, thanks to which the temperature in the cabin is kept evenly low all the time.

Two-way communication systemTwo-Way Voice

When dealing with very low temperatures, down to -110oC, patient safety is the highest priority. The two-way communication system between the patient and the operator during the procedure increases safety and comfort. The applied system separates sounds appropriately, thanks to which the quality of communication is undisturbed and high quality.

Excellent audio qualityHolistic sound

To diversify and increase comfort during the cryotherapy treatment, we have equipped the cabin with a high-quality audio system that allows you to select the appropriate soundtracks. The client can decide for himself what atmosphere he wants during the session, choosing from 6 categories: Atmoshepric, dreamy, powerfull, happy, inspiring or relaxing. The tracks have been selected in such a way as to additionally stimulate our brain, influencing our mental health, enhance brain activity and act as a catalyst for improving health and well-being.

Huge 21-inch display

Even bigger, even better, even brighter, high resolution 21-inch touchscreen display. Using such a large screen space, we have designed a very simple and intuitive interface that allows you to easily and quickly manage all the functions of the cryotherapy capsule. Thanks to the huge size of the screen, you can easily read all important information on the display and conveniently set the device parameters.

Smart voice

The system automatically detects the stage of the cryotherapy procedure and sends appropriate messages to the patient during the session, informing about start, selected session length, amount of time to the end and when is finished. In addition, it informs about the open door or activating other activities, such as freezing the capsule or drying, thanks to which the patient and the operator are constantly informed, which affects the whole experience. The operator can manage intelligent voice notifications in the system settings.


Our designers also took care of the amazing appearance of the interior of the cryotherapy capsule. We have used LED lighting to highlighting geometric shapes, that visually enlarge the interior of the cabin, so that the patient feels more pleasant inside.Client can choose any color and brightness of the lighting inside the cabin to set appropriate atmosphere and feel unforgettable experience, triggering all the senses during the cryotherapy treatment.


The function that in the Cryo Hybrid electric cryotherapy maintains the minus temperature inside the cabin to start the treatment at any time.
You do not need to dry the cabin after a series of treatments and start cooling the capsule from the beginning, which saves time and money. Subcooling definitely helps facilitates the handling of patients, which accelerates the performance of subsequent cryotherapy treatments.

Spacious cabin

The designed construction of the Cryo Hybrid electric cryotherapy chamber by Vacu Activ engineers allowed to execute very spacious interior in the cabin. Cryo Hybrid have enough space inside for the patient to feel comfortable, safe and have a free range of movements during the cryotherapy treatment. Additional illumination, high-quality finish of the cabin and background music stimulating the senses, and smart voice notifications, change the whole experience to another level of cryotherapy sessions for your patients.

Choose your cryotherapy

  • Activ Cryo
    Activ Cryo V2
    Cryo Total
    WBC + PBC
  • Temperature
    up to -180o
    up to -180o
    up to -140o
  • Display
    7-inch Color Touch screen panel
    7-inch Digital display inside cabin
    10.1-inch Color Touch screen panel
    13.3-inch Digital touch display inside cabin
    21-inch digital touchscreen
  • Features
    Auto drying system
    Auto lifting system up to 150kg
    LED backlight
    3 automatic program and 1 manual program
    Emergency stop safety button
    Safety sensor on door
    Basic interior material
    Client’s Logo on Equipment
    Extension podium
    Extra drain pan on bottom
    Luxury waterproof interior material
    Variety of interior and exterior materials
    Connection hose to nitrogen tank
    Counter sessions and life timer
    Auto Coolling sytem
    Thermovision camera
    Limited manufacture
    Auto drying system
    Auto lifting system up to 150kg
    LED backlight
    3 automatic program and 1 manual program
    Emergency stop safety button
    Safety sensor on door
    Basic interior material
    Client’s Logo on Equipment
    Extension podium
    Extra drain pan on bottom
    Luxury waterproof interior material
    Variety of interior and exterior materials
    Connection hose to nitrogen tank
    Counter sessions and life timer
    Auto Coolling sytem
    Thermovision camera
    Electric window for WBC or PBC treatment
    Liquid nitrogen technology
    Air Flow control
    Temperature Control
    Oxygen Sensor
    High quality speakers
    Two way audio communication between operator and client
    Troubleshooting with Wi-Fi capability
    High quality cryogenic material
    Luxury waterproof interior material
    High standard interior finish
    Preefreezing system