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A versatile, modern
and fully automatic
massage device.

Rollshape rollmassage make full use of the available technology with quiet operation and efficiency enhancements such as infra-red lamps that heat the adipose tissue and help the rollers break down the bumps of fats that have accumulated under the skin, making it easier for the lymphatic system to expel them from the body, along with other harmful substances.

We have combiend in one device beneficial effects of lymphatic massage with the functions of infrared, chromotherapy, air ionization and collagen therapy. The complexity of Rollshape’s operation has a direct impact on the effects – it is a valuable ally in the fight against unnecessary fat tissue and stress tensions.

Timeless solutions for your business
Hotel gyms
Timeless solutions for your business
Timeless solutions for your business
Timeless solutions for your business
Vacu Activ

New, larger, more intuitive color touch display


Plenty additional functions combined
in Rollshape

In addition to massage, Rollshape also has other functions that optimize the treatment. The standard features include infrared (optional with collagen lamps) and chromotherapy. However, they can be supplemented with air ionization and ozone therapy.

Infrared IR

Infrared accelerates metabolic processes, dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow, and oxygenates the tissue. Better and more comprehensive effects are achieved by combining infrared lamps with collagen lamps (stimulating the cellular activity of the skin with red light).


Ozone is a strong natural bactericidal and fungicidal stimulant. It also has oxidizing properties. The mixture of this element with oxygen is an effective weapon in the fight against harmful microorganisms. Ozone therapy is used in the case of bacterial infections, and additionally stimulates the circulatory system, improving cellular metabolism.


It consists in enriching the air with health-promoting ions, which has a direct impact on the overall improvement of the psychophysical state. The environment in which we operate is full of positive ions (generated by e.g. electronic equipment) that negatively affect our body. The discussed function effectively eliminates them, reducing the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, as well as generating a portion of additional energy.


It is based on the use of properly selected colors, by means of which (the color of light) acts on the brain, stimulating it to specific hormonal reactions. Chromotherapy increases immunity, releases additional energy, restores the body’s balance, soothes the nerves and improves mood.

Exercise the way you like on rollmassage

Rollshape has four predefined training programs and a manual program in which all parameters, including the training length, are set by the user on their own.

Important information at your fingertips

  • Calories burned counter
  • Time until the end of training
  • Time remaining until the end of the current position
  • Enable the infrared function
  • Change the direction of rotation of the drum
  • Visualization of your current position
  • Setting the speed of rotation of the drum

Pleasant and
effective massage

Pleasant and effective massage takes place through specially profiled wooden rollers that rotate in the right way. The length, type and intensity of the massage can be freely adjusted. Rollshape is a device that provides not only pleasure and relaxation, but also other types of benefits. The applied effects help to get rid of cellulite, make the body firmer and shape the figure. The device additionally stimulates the lymphatic system, also at the same time removing toxins out from the body.

Timeless design
and attention
to every detail

The showcase of Vacu Activ is the ability to give an effective form to modern technologies. The Rollshape design perfectly follows this convention. The dynamic, streamlined shape, interesting colors and refined finishing elements create a coherent, modern composition that effectively attracts attention and modernize the image of your studio as well.

Choose color
and place your
brand logo


86 cm (33,8 inches)
145 cm (57 inches)
180 cm (70,8 inches)
230VAC / 50Hz / 1PH
Power consumption
Drum drive
Three phase
Infrared IR
Yes (1.4 - 14μm)
Air ionization (optional)y
Yes (optional)

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