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Maximize the effectiveness of bike exercises in a closed capsule

Revolutionary Infrashape Horizontal Biohacking technology that transforms your exercise and body transformation journey. Our cutting-edge approach combines the power of infrared heat, vacuum pressure, and physical activities on a bike, all performed in a comfortable lying position inside a closed capsule. Experience the remarkable benefits of enhanced circulation, deep detoxification, and ultimate relaxation, while the biohacking principles optimize your workout for muscle activation, lymphatic drainage, and achieving your fitness goals. Embark on a transformative fitness experience like never before with our Infrashape Horizontal Biohacking technology.

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Plenty additional functions
combined in Infrashape Horizontal


Stimulates the body's immune system to function and restores its natural balance. The use of properly selected essential oils supports: regeneration of the epidermis, biological renewal of the body, fighting infections, circulation and oxygenation of the blood.

Lymphatic drainage

Improves the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system. It is one of the most effective treatments for edema. Lymphatic drainage improves the transport of mineral salts and water, and supports immune processes.

Collagen lamp

The simulation of skin cellular activity by means of red light with an appropriately selected wavelength The light penetrates deep into the skin and additionally stimulates the processes of its self-healing and reconstruction. In this way, the healing of wounds and the disappearance of scars is accelerated. The aging process of the skin also slows down - collagen and elastin fibers are rebuilt.


Based on the use of properly selected colors that affect the functioning of the body. A specific color of light stimulates the brain to specific hormonal reactions, and the hormones produced in the glands are transmitted through the bloodstream to internal organs, activating them and regulating their work. Chromotherapy increases immunity, gives additional energy, restores the body's balance, calms down and increases the overall level of satisfaction.

Recumbent bike

Versatile, efficient, and safe training solution designed to revolutionize your exercise routine. With its innovative design, the lying position on the bicycle feels more natural and comfortable compared to traditional methods. The electrically adjustable backrest angle ensures optimal comfort during exercise, relieving stress on the spine, particularly in the lumbar section, as well as easing pressure on knee joints. Additionally, this advanced technology activates and strengthens the abdominal muscles, providing a holistic workout experience. Experience the ultimate in versatility, efficiency, and comfort with Infrashape Horizontal, ensuring a transformative exercise journey for all.

Bike resistance levels
Maximum backrest incline
Collagen wavelength
Pedals adjustment

Comfortable, closed cabin for training in negative pressure with infrared


Generated by a specially designed vacu pump, which increases several times the efficiency of each training session.

Loss of cellulite

Eliminates cellulite
up to 80%

Reducing circumference

reduction in circumference
from 8 to 20 cm

Maximum underpressure

up to


– supports fat burning,

– slims and shapes the figure,

– improves blood circulation (smooth, elastic and firm skin),

– improves the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Infrared IR

Modern radiators provide the full spectrum of infrared radiation IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. They deliver healing thermal radiation directly to the deep subcutaneous layers. In this way, they accelerate the metabolic process, dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and oxygenate tissues.

Loss of cellulite

Eliminates cellulite
up to 80%

Reducing pain

cut osteoarthritis-related pain
by more than 50%

Maximum IR radation

up to


– cleansing the body of toxins,

– treatment of injuries and rheumatism,

– discharge of stress tensions,

– reducing the feeling of fatigue,

– fat burning,

– skin firming.

Comparison of
a 30 minute workout

Infrashape Horizontal 0
Regular bike 0



more calories

Visible effects



Innovative fitness technology for weight loss

Under pressure recumbent exercise bike. Combination vacuum and infrared features for weight loss benefits. The latest generation of exercise and recovery equipment outperforms expectations at first sight. Infrashape Horizontal bike has a stylistic, modern design and combines cardio exercise with innovative technical solutions (touch screen display, luxury leather, under pressure vacuum massage, infrared heating, collagen lamp, color and aroma therapies benefits).

This extraordinary piece of equipment is the best choice of weight loss and rehabilitation equipment for your medical office, gym, spa, weight loss center and beauty salon.

Large touch


Multivision enrich your training

This innovative feature enriches the training with a virtual view, synchronized with your training. Imagine biking along the coast of Los Angeles, through the streets of Venice, among the desert sands or forest wilderness are just a few of the many possibilities offered by Multivision.

user interface
Infrashape Horizontal can be equipped with a standard interface that offers ease of use and access to many functions. Clear, modernly designed, it fits perfectly with the device.
user interface
The Multivision interface was created for demanding users who value technology and modern solutions. Multivision software offers a lot of functions and a virtual run that displays the recorded route and synchronizes with the training, diversifying the time spent while exercising.
Virtual Track
Multivision offers a virtual run that displays a video of the route during training. You choose between 6 track and run in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Italy, Costa Rica, Chicago or San Francisco.
patient parameters
Before starting the training sessions, we made possible to enter the basic data of the exerciser in order to get the most accurate calories burn results to monitor the progress more accurately.

Your best app at your fingertips

During training it is also possible to use the apps like (Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and play videos or audio files). Infrashape Horizontal is compatible with mobile devices – iPods, iPhones or Android smartphones can be easily connected to it.

Electrically adjust
the pedal distance

Adjust the distance of the bike pedals to the client's height for comfortable training

Electrically adjustable
backrest angle

Adapt the electrically adjustable backrest to your needs.

High-quality, ergonomic
back support

Beautifully designed embossing and seams that give an ergonomic shape and great comfort during exercise

LED backlight

Additional LED backlight around the device gives it a modern look

Outstanding audio speakers

High-end built in audio system for better training experience and multimedia consumption

Several health benefits
thanks to one device

Faster metabolism
Speeds up the metabolic processes of the body.

Weight loss results
Helps to achieve your dream figure as it burns many calories quickly.

Improve circulation
Improves blood flow and the entire lymphatic system.

Relax muscles
Ease joint pain and soothe tired muscles and tissues.

Reduces cellulites
Eliminates cellulite and flushes fat deposits from under the skin.

Regenerates skin cells and promotes elasticity for firmer, beautiful, and youthful skin.


123 cm (48,43 inches)
117 cm (46,06 inches)
241 cm (94,88 inches)
190 kg
Power supply
230VAC / 50Hz / 1PH
110VAC / 50Hz / 1PH
Power consumption
2 KW
Infrared temperature
ELectric ajustable backest angle
Adjustable bike resistance
Under pressure range
Touch display size

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