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Cutting edge Biohack technology

Innovative and effective fitness device that takes your workouts to the next level. Cutting edge Biohack technology to exponentially improve your health at the cellular level. Look no further than Bodyshape V2! Our unique device combines cardio, skincare benefits, and an oxygen concentrator to provide you with the ultimate workout experience. Biohacking technology dedicated to optimizing health, it’s incomparable to regular big box gyms in the fitness industry

With a closed capsule design and built-in treadmill, Bodyshape V2 is the perfect tool to support your fitness journey. Our device is also equipped with infrared heating therapy, pressure vacuum technology, and other features that increase the effectiveness of your workouts, promoting weight loss and reducing cellulite.

But that’s not all – Bodyshape V2 also boasts a sleek and modernist design, as well as intuitive operation and innovative technology. These features work together to give you a completely new quality to slimming training, making it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals.

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Timeless solutions for your business
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Plenty additional functions
combined in BodyshapeV2


Stimulates the body's immune system to function and restores its natural balance. Simply add your favorite essential oils to the diffuser and let the soothing scents fill the room. Whether you're looking to promote relaxation, boost your mood, or relieve stress, our aromatherapy feature has you covered. By combining aromatherapy with these other features, you can create a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience during workout.


Our innovative therapy harnesses the natural properties of ozone to provide a powerful bactericidal and fungicidal stimulant that can help combat a wide range of microorganisms that can attack the human body. By mixing oxygen and ozone, we create a potent weapon against bacterial infections and other harmful microorganisms. Our therapy is also designed to stimulate the circulatory system and improve cell metabolism, making it an effective way to support your overall health and wellness.

Collagen lamp

Using red light with an optimized wavelength, our lamp stimulates skin cellular activity, penetrating deep into the skin to promote self-healing and reconstruction processes. The collagen lamp is especially effective in accelerating the healing of wounds and reducing the appearance of scars. Additionally, it helps to slow down the aging process of the skin by rebuilding collagen and elastin fibers. This leads to improved skin elasticity, firmness, and a more youthful complexion.


innovative therapy is based on the use of carefully selected colors that can have a powerful impact on the functioning of your body. By exposing your body to specific colors of light, we can stimulate your brain to trigger specific hormonal reactions. These hormones are then transmitted through your bloodstream to your internal organs, activating and regulating their functions. This leads to a range of benefits, including improved immunity, increased energy, restored balance, and a greater sense of calm and overall satisfaction.


Are you feeling sluggish and tired despite getting enough rest? It could be due to the positive ions that electronic equipment produces, which can negatively affect your general well-being and lead to increased fatigue. Ionization enriches the air with health ions, which can improve your psychophysical functioning and provide your body with an extra boost of energy. By removing harmful positive ions from your environment, can help you feel more alert, energized, and focused.


Device uses low-frequency current to stimulate your muscles and promote better circulation. With special electrodes, you can target specific parts of your body that are difficult to reach with traditional exercise methods. This means you can deliver the necessary substances directly to those hard-to-reach areas, providing your muscles with the nutrients they need to thrive. Electrostimulation also has a range of other benefits, including reducing tension, improving the process of nourishing your muscles, improving blood supply to tissues, and even providing an analgesic effect to help alleviate pain.


Our treadmill is specially designed and manufactured using high-quality components, ensuring that you receive a product that is both durable and efficient. Equipped with a powerful three-phase brushless motor, our product guarantees a failure-free operation that you can rely on. Our motor is designed to provide you with the power and performance you need, whether you’re using it for industrial, commercial, or personal applications.



Generated by a specially designed vacu pump, which increases several times the efficiency of each training session.

Loss of cellulite

Eliminates cellulite
up to 80%

Reducing circumference

reduction in circumference
from 8 to 20 cm

Maximum negative pressure

up to


– supports fat burning,

– slims and shapes the figure,

– improves blood circulation (smooth, elastic and firm skin),

– improves the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Infrared IR

Modern radiators provide the full spectrum of infrared radiation IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. They deliver healing thermal radiation directly to the deep subcutaneous layers. In this way, they accelerate the metabolic process, dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and oxygenate tissues.

Loss of cellulite

Eliminates cellulite
up to 80%

Reduce pain

cut osteoarthritis-related pain
by more than 50%

Maximum IR radation

up to


– cleansing the body of toxins,

– treatment of injuries and rheumatism,

– discharge of stress tensions,

– reducing the feeling of fatigue,

– fat burning,

– skin firming.

Oxygen trainter for improving cardiorespiratory fitness

Device that uses only air and electricity to produce a stream of clean, low oxygen air. Your blood and body carry extra oxygen, it can help fight bacteria, stimulate growth factors and stem cells which can help promote healing. The Oxygen Trainer provides you with a multitude of benefits including fatigue prevention, improved metabolism, increased energy, endurance, performance, recovery, and overall vitality via stimulating healthy mitochondria in the cells.

Connect the machine to a breathing mask to power up your workouts on a Bodyshape V2. The machine can be adjusted from sea level to over 3000 meters. This system represents the latest progress in the development of training technology. Through it, conditioned air from the generator is blown into a training breathing mask covering the athlete’s nose and mouth. Turns training on Bodyshape V2 into training in an alpine environment!

Increase speed
and endurance

The generator works naturally with your body’s systems to markedly increase your red blood cell density. In just a few weeks, can dramatically increase your speed and endurance. When the human body is exposed to low oxygen air, it responds by making new red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery. More red blood cells in your body means more oxygen to your muscles when you need it, resulting in increased speed, endurance and power.

Performance and
physical wellness

Hypoxic training, also known as altitude training, is a training regimen that can help people improve their athletic performances and physical wellness.


  • Improves endurance performance in cyclists and runners
  • Increases walking capacity in Spinal Cord Injury Patients
  • Enhances lung function in asthmatic athletes
  • Enables acclimatization at sea-level

Comparison of
a 30 minute workout

Bodyshape treadmill 0
Regular treadmill 0



more calories

Visible effects



biohack technology for workout and recovery

Looking for an innovative and effective technology to achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than our advanced Bodyshape V2 machine! Our machine is the result of years of scientific research by neuroscientists, astronauts, fitness legends and engineering expertise, it’s incomparable to regular big box gyms in the fitness industry.

Our machine uses advanced vacuum compression and infrared technology to activate your body’s natural fat-burning ability. By targeting specific areas of fat and cellulite, our machine makes it easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat, leading to visible weight loss and inch reduction in just 10 sessions.

And the best part? Our technology is proven to work! With our Bodyshape V2 machine, you can achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively than ever before. Plus, our machine can also help you achieve smoother and tighter skin, making you look and feel your best. Ground-breaking equipment available to help members make the most of their workout and recovery. Most importantly, when they see and feel the results, they’ll be more likely to stay committed, which means greater membership retention.

Biohack your health and well-being today with our advanced Bodyshape V2 machine. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve your body composition, or simply feel better about yourself, our machine is the perfect choice.

New, bigger


Multivision enrich your training

This innovative feature enriches the training with a virtual view, synchronized with your training. Imagine biking along the coast of Los Angeles, through the streets of Venice, among the desert sands or forest wilderness are just a few of the many possibilities offered by Multivision.

Make cradio training not boring and display a virtual route during training that will diversify your exercises.
Enjoy your
Use the time during training for pleasure and watch your best series, movies, listen to your favorite podcasts, artists or movies on you tube.
Exercise with this innovative fitness machine is easy thanks to Bodyshape’s Multivision intuitive menu. During training, you have quick access to control session parameters like infrared, speed, vacuum, incline, aroma, collagen and multivision track.

Your best app at your fingertips

During training it is also possible to use the apps like (Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and play videos or audio files). Infrashape Horizontal is compatible with mobile devices – iPods, iPhones or Android smartphones can be easily connected to it.

13.3-inch color
touch screen

Display virtual run, favorite movies or manage in an easy way to all functions on a large, touch screen.


The Bodyshape treadmill combines many functions and technological solutions to take your studio to next level of exercise.

Steel arms

Stable, high quality handles, facilitate exercises on the Bodyshape treadmill

LED Lights

LED backlight gives a unique appearance of the device that perfectly composes into your modern fitness studio.

Virtual track

Interactive treadmill that revolutionizes your studio offer

Several health benefits
thanks to one device

Cellulite reduction
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Relax muscles
Ease joint pain and soothe tired muscles and tissues.

Reduces cellulites
Eliminates cellulite and flushes fat deposits from under the skin.

Regenerates skin cells and promotes elasticity for firmer, beautiful, and youthful skin.


Tech specs

125,1 cm (49,2 inches)
228 cm (89,9 inches)
160,7 cm (63,2 inches)
230 kg
230VAC / 50Hz / 1PH
Power consumption
Infrared temperature range
Infrared Lamp Power
Number of Infrared lamps
Vacuum range
0-30 mBar
Vacuum power
Treadmill speed range
Treadmill incline range
Maximum load
Touch display size

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