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Solution for pool biking exercise in individual capsule

Hydrobike II is combining advantages of underwater exercises on exercise bike with benefits of targeted hydro massage in one fitness equipment. Using aquatic bike with combination of hydro-static resistance of water, leads to best results without need of heavy physical training. Aqua rider bike provide provides extra pedal resistance benefits.


Connection of 5 elements in one device

  • Exercise on
    water bike
  • Water resistance
  • Hydro massage benefits
    during exercise
  • Color therapy
  • Ozone therapy

High quality and stainless steel bike

Designed in marine quality 316L stainless steel. Bike inside the Hydrobike II is characterised by its unrivalled aquatic spinning performance. The dual height/weight setting of the saddle and handlebars ensures a good sitting position without muscular risk.

Designed to simplify your life, it provides dual marking of the saddle and handlebar pillars to record your own setting, from one session to the next. Because comfort is not optional, the pedal has been selected to provide you with very comfortable barefoot use. Its ergonomics increase the resistance of your pedalling for and even sportier feel!

Mechanical resistance adjusted with graduated wheel

Customize the difficulty of the exercise and adjust your efforts from the seated position by turning the wheel

Comfort pedals

Maximum user weight up to 150kg

Stainless steel


Benefits from Hydromassage

Thanks to unique features, Hydrobike II fights against cellulite faster than other fitness equipment thanks to equipment of 14 powerful jets for hydromassage directed to sensitive areas of body effectively eliminate the effect of cellulite and helps to get fast weight loss. Thanks to drainage, which is activating lymphatic system and effect of using the aqua exercise bike with intensified resistance, is shaping body and transform fat cells into the energy. Hydromassage help regenerate the connective skin tissues, allowing the skin to appear younger and smoother.

hydromassage jets


Bring balance and health to your mind by colortherapy

Colour therapy is a non-invasive and holistic treatment that brings balance and health to your mind and body. The vibrations of the colour in colour therapy class improve your mood and overall health. Colours are made up of reflected lights that hit our retinas as the wavelengths vibrate.

Ozone therapy

Ozone Therapy (or ozono therapy) is an alternative treatment when you introduce the ozone (O₃), a reactive form of oxygen and a powerful oxidizing agent, in water. When ozone is dissolved in water, it produces a broad-spectrum biocide that can kill the bacteria, viruses and (tiny) cysts. Ozone Therapy is considered as one of the most powerful and versatile therapies. It has proven to be quite beneficial in different ways such as it improves metabolism, stimulates the immune system by increasing the white blood cells count, purifies the blood and the lymph, oxidizes toxins that have accumulated in the body, etc.

Recommended for places
Hotel SPA
Recommended for places
Fitness gyms
Recommended for places
Recommended for places
Sport centers
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Future fitness

The device is recommended for clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and physiotherapeutic treatments. With no loading on the human joints, Hydrobike II could be used by person at any age. Result arrives regardless of the intensity exercises, even if used in relaxation mode. Exercise session improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, have the effect of affecting the adipose tissue. Ozone, which released during the treatment, has an effect similar to the skin microdermabrasion through the production of oxygen.

Large, touchscreen and
an intuitive interface

Size of
the touch screen


Water temperature indicator

Water level

Switching water aeration on and off

Turning on
and off the hydromassage

Water capacity


Exercise with no load on joints and more

Hydrobike II brings amazing results for people at any age. This aquatic fitness equipment created for person who is seeking for aesthetic changes or person who is searching for not hard exercises with relaxation during physical training.

Our device is a water resistance bike with hydromassage inside a capsule offers for your joints mobility and exercise, without impact. A well-executed workout will improve your range of motion and strengthen the muscles surrounding your joint.


176 cm (69,29 inches)
194 cm (76,38 inches)
157 cm (61,81 inches)
Water capcity
Power supply
230V or 110V
Power consumption
Number of nozzles
Adjustable water pressure
Adjustable bike resistance
Hand shower
Touch display size
8-inch (waterproof)

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