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Experience the Future of Dry Hydromassage

Step into a whole new era of relaxation and wellness with our avant-garde Activ Aqua Bed. Designed to redefine the industry standards with our cutting-edge technology, let our massager transport you to an unparalleled sphere of tranquility. The all-encompassing, head-to-toe therapeutic wonder offers a dry, heated water massage, promising a soothing escape from the rigors of everyday life.

Our Activ Aqua Bed utilizes a complex, yet soothing mechanism. A combination of warm water under high pressure powers up from nozzles ingeniously positioned inside the bed. The hot pressurized water streams trace a carefully designed course along the protective extra-strength rubber mat. Resulting water jets are calibrating into circular motions, creating a melody of massaging moves on your body. Designed meticulously, these targeted oscillating patterns knead into the muscles in an immersive water therapy, addressing each muscle group from head to toe.

Fortify your health and wellness regimen with our Activ Aqua Bed. It’s more than a dry water massage bed; it’s your personal gateway to rejuvenating your strength and spirit. Experience the next chapter of hydrotherapy and unlock unparalleled relaxation that extends well beyond the ordinary.

Revolutionizing Wellness with The Power of Three: Massage, Water & Heat

Harness the transformative triad of massage, water, and heat with our Dry Water Massage Bed. It offers a serene relaxation experience with an ingenious blend of these three essential elements. Aimed at redefining your wellness routine, our massage bed is wholly non-invasive and painless while maximizing therapeutic benefits.

The cutting-edge dry water bed technology works by deploying jet nozzles that traverse up and down your body. These nozzles emit soothing, wave-like streams of heated water, providing a calming yet effective massage. The beauty of this process is the control it grants users, allowing you to focus the massage on areas where you desire the most relief or relaxation.

Our Dry Water Massage Bed takes you beyond the ordinary limits of comfort and wellness. It opens up your world to attaining more satisfying results, improving your overall wellbeing. Try it today and feel the difference as you lose yourself in the seamless blend of massage, water, and warmth. The power of three is indeed your gateway to enhanced wellness.

Amazing benefits
of dry massage

– reduces muscle tension,
– relieve stress,
– relaxes,
– improves the circulatory system,
– relieves pain

Furthermore, the Activ Aqua Bed massage experience, serves as a peaceful haven that helps you unwind, leaving you feeling rejuvenated after each session. Message therapy is a wonderful treatment which increasing neurotransmitter production of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, the hormones that help you cope with stress. The invigorating treatment provides an energy boost equipping you with renewed vigor and ample vitality to power through your day. Discover the revitalizing impact of our Activ Aqua Bed massage and enjoy the harmony it brings to your mind and body.

Maximum load




LED face

Powerfull jets


Dedicated software on
large touch display

Maximize your wellness experience with our state-of-the-art Activ Aqua Bed, equipped with an high quality, easy-to-navigate 10.1-inch touchscreen. This adaptable feature, mounted on a flexible arm, facilitates optimal positioning for the operator or patient, offering a seamless user interaction.

Our specialized software, created exclusively for Activ Aqua Bed, unlocks a world of benefits and comprehensive functions. It has been meticulously designed from the ground up to leverage and actualize the full potential of the bed’s innovative features. With an emphasis on user-friendly interface, it ensures every aspect of the device is easily accessible and manageable, integrating a plethora of functions and innovative solutions.

At Activ Aqua Bed, evolution is not just an aspiration, but a constant pursuit. Our dedicated design department is continuously at work enhancing the bed’s software, bringing you regular updates brimming with new features and improvements. This persistent dedication to advancement means your Aqua Bed experience will just keep getting better over time. Experience the superior quality and carefully curated features of our Activ Aqua Bed today.

Choose body
Activ Aqua Bed allows you to choose a massage for a given part of the body or a full body massage. The option can also be easily changed during the session.
Session screen
The session screen allows you to easily manage all the functions of the Activ Aqua Bed. Control the power of the jets, change their speed or the massage zone, as well as the water temperature and many more.
Manage water
Our software allows you to easily set the water temperature as well as its automatic shutdown after defining the time of inactivity. Activ Aqua Bed has been equipped with sensors which informs about the current water temperature and the water level as well on the screen.

Display size


Modes of massages


Comfort and pleasure
from massage

The Activ Aqua Bed for water dry massage will surely satisfy all customers who will systematically perform treatments. The procedure is not embarrassing, because in order to take advantage of the massage, you only need to remove the shoes. The procedure itself is pleasant and very comfortable. It provides a quick, perceptible effect and can be adjusted to the individual needs of the client, thanks to the possibility of selecting the appropriate force, speed and area of the body of the massage. The height of the device is optimal to make it easier for customers of different body heights to comfortably lie down on the Activ Aqua Bed membrane mat.

6 massage modes to
choose from

Wide Kneading

Face luminotherapy by
LED lamp during body massage

The LED lamp uses LED light for optical whitening and treatment of various skin problems such as: acne, skin allergies, pigmentation spots or long-healing wounds. The LED lamp has a significant effect on the regeneration of skin with signs of aging and age-related collagen loss. It also improves the condition and tension of the skin and soothes sunburn.

A salutary effect for the skin of the face

The lamp works on the principle of photodynamic therapy, activating the cells of the deep layers of the skin and improving their metabolism. When the skin absorbs light, the light energy is converted into intercellular energy. As a result, the microvessels relax and strengthen. There is a photochemical reaction in the skin – an enzymatic reaction. The lamp is ideal for enhancing the effects of treatment with BB Glow ampoules. All this benefits are during a relaxing dry massage at the Activ Aqua Bed.

Amazing light impact

The stream of light penetrating the skin and reaching the inside of the cell stimulates the processes taking place inside it. Irradiation with LED light is comparable to the operation of a laser beam. The treatment with the use of LED technology is absolutely non-invasive, does not affect the structure of cells, but only stimulates and naturally activates and intensifies the regenerative processes taking place in it.


  • acne removal,
  • strengthening blood vessels,
  • acceleration of skin regeneration,
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis,
  • brightening discoloration,
    soothes irritations and accelerates skin healing,
  • after cleansing treatments,
  • micro-needle and needle mesotherapy

The power of six healing colors

The LED face mask is equipped with six colors: red, blue, green,
purple, yellow and white.



Stimulates the skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which helps to reduce wrinkles and improve skin firmness. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness.



Helps to heal existing acne lesions and prevents new ones from forming by destroying P.acne bacteria. It regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and constricts enlarged pores.



Heals acne and removes scars, repair skin.



Speeds up the metabolism, improves fine lines and sagging skin.



Affects melanocytes. Brightens and reduces discoloration, freckles and age spots. It reduces wrinkles and scars.



Heals acne and removes scars, repair skin.

Contemporary design combining only advantages

Activ Aqua Bed has a contemporary design, complete flexibility and comfort with a relaxing massage experience. Side LED backlight will additionally emphasize the modern line of the device, additionally allowing you to choose and manage at any time the appropriate color scheme, martching to your room decor or brand identity.


51,1 cm (21,3 inches)
Height 2
72,2 cm (28,43 inches)
115 cm (45,28 inches)
239,4 cm (94,25 inches)
The surface of the lair
Maximum patient weight
Power consumption
Water temperature range
20-40 Celsius
Number of jets
Touch screen size
Number of massage programs

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