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Stair climber with Infrared IR and Red Light Therapy

Experience the pinnacle of multifunctional fitness with the Vacu Activ Infrastep StairMill Indoor Climbing Machine. Step onto this compact marvel and enjoy the ultimate uphill workout. This innovative machine does not only simulate the intensity of climbing real stairs but elevates the experience with advanced biohacking technology. Featuring an Infrared IR system, a collagen-enhancing lamp (Red light therapy), it combines several functions to not just work your muscles but also to promote cellular rejuvenation and increase recovery speed. Dive into a workout routine that’s multiplied in effectiveness, catering not just to your fitness goals but also enhancing your overall wellness. The Vacu Activ Infrastep is more than just an exercise machine—it’s your partner in achieving peak physical conditioning while harnessing the power of modern wellness technology.

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Timeless solutions for your business
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Functions combined in Infrastep

Collagen lamp (Red Light Therapy)

Red light therapy is believed to enhance cellular function by targeting mitochondria, the energy powerhouse within cells. By increasing cellular energy production, this therapy facilitates more efficient repair processes and stimulates new cell growth. Specifically, light wavelengths are absorbed by cells, triggering enhanced functionality and promoting skin rejuvenation through accelerated repair and rejuvenation processes.

Quartz Infrared IR

Our infrared solutions mimic natural sunlight composition, offering a holistic approach to therapeutic benefits. The standout advantage lies in our devices producing the full spectrum of IR radiation (IR-A, IR-B, IR-C), ensuring comprehensive coverage for therapeutic applications. Furthermore, our quartz radiators rapidly heat up, penetrating up to 5 cm into the body, making them optimal for enhancing physiotherapy treatments.

Energy-Efficient Climbing

The Infrastep Indoor Stair Climbing Machine operates using the user’s own energy to power the climbing steps. With no electrical drive motor, it boasts an impressively low power consumption. The machine features an electromagnetic braking system that precisely regulates speed, aligning the step rate per minute with the user’s programmed settings and personal energy input. This innovative design ensures an efficient, eco-friendly workout tailored to the user’s fitness level and preferences.

Take care of
your joints and knees

Infrastep stair climbing surpasses traditional forms of step-up and step-down exercise, offering pronounced benefits with significantly reduced joint stress, particularly on the knees. Whereas the joint load involved in stepping down is roughly 2.5 times greater than that in stepping up, the Infrastep StairMill ensures a smoother, low-impact workout that protects your knees while enhancing fitness levels. The Infrastep StairMill is not just a stair-climbing machine. It integrates the therapeutic advantages of Infrared IR and red light therapy, elevating your exercise regime to a multi-beneficial wellness experience. These added features support muscle recovery, enhance circulation, and stimulate collagen production, contributing to overall joint health and skin vitality. Step up to a smarter workout with the Infrastep StairMill, where cutting-edge technology meets traditional fitness to help you achieve your health goals with joint-friendly and holistic approaches.

Maximum speed
step per min
Quartz Infrared IR Power
Max temperature
Collagen Wavelength
Collagen Wavelength
Infrared IR levels

Infrared IR

The device uses the latest generation of quartz IR infrared heaters. They emit the full IR spectrum: IR-A, IR-B and IR-C, i.e. they cover the entire infrared spectrum that occurs in natural solar radiation.

Loss of cellulite

Eliminates cellulite
up to 80%

Reduce pain

cut osteoarthritis-related pain
by more than 50%

Full IR spectrum

Waveslength range


– supports the release of toxins
– fight against cellulite
– reducing excess fat from tissue
– reduces fatigue and stress
– cleanses the skin
– relieves muscle pain
– relieves joint pain
– support metabolism
– strengthen the immune system
– helps in wound healing

Outstanding benefits in one device

Infrastep Stairmill is designed to take your fitness to new heights. Ascending against gravity offers superior cardiovascular benefits compared to flat-surface exercises, using 9.8 Joules of energy per kilogram per meter climbed. Our machine features full-width steps forming a continuous staircase, promoting a natural climbing motion that engages your lower body, hips, and torso for a comprehensive workout.


Unique integration of collagen lamp technology not only aids in muscle recovery and pain relief but also stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity and appearance. The therapeutic red light penetrates deep into the tissues, accelerating cellular repair and boosting overall wellness.

Increase skin elasticity

increases skin elasticity
up to 50%

Reduce inflammation

Redcuing inflammation
by more than 25%

Red light therapy

Wavelength range


– treat skin issues, like stretch marks and wrinkles
– reduce inflammation or edema
– repair muscle tissues
– promote healthy aging
– increase blood flow
– reduce inflammation
– increase levels of collagen
– increase the production of fibroblast
– reduce neuropathic pain
– enhancing bone recovery

Enhanced workouts
with Infrared IR and Red Light Therapy

To boost training benfits, the Infrastep is outfitted with cutting-edge Quartz infrared IR radiators and a comprehensive range of wavelengths from Red Light Therapy (RLT). This unique integration of collagen lamp technology not only aids in muscle recovery and pain relief but also stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity and appearance. The therapeutic red light penetrates deep into the tissues, accelerating cellular repair and boosting overall wellness.

Step Lock
Safety System

The Step Lock Safety System features a photo-optic sensor that instantly stops the machine if the user exceeds the lower limit of travel, ensuring optimal safety. This system also allows users to stand securely on the steps while comfortably setting up their workout programs. With a compact design, convenient transit wheels for easy movement, and a standard ceiling height requirement of 2.4m (8 feet), the Infrastep is perfect for small health clubs, rehabilitation centers, or home gyms.


  • Gentle, Non-Jarring Cardio Workout:
 Enjoy a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints while boosting cardiovascular health.
  • Enhanced Oxygen Intake and Muscle Strength: 
Improve your respiratory efficiency and muscle power.
  • Better Bone Density: Strengthen your bones with consistent use.
  • Red Light Therapy (Collagen Lamp): 
Benefit from advanced red light therapy for improved skin health and recovery.
  • Quartz Infrared IR Technology: 
Experience the advantages of cutting-edge infrared technology.
  • Adjustable Speed:
 Reach up to 120 steps per minute, with user-controlled variable pacing to accommodate all fitness levels.
  • Motorless Electromagnetic Braking System: 
Rely on a durable, maintenance-free braking system.
  • Secure Step Lock System:
 Features a highly reliable step lock system with sensor and reflector for safety.
  • Advanced Computer Control:
 Monitor your progress with a system that tracks time, distance (in floors), and speed (in steps per minute).

High quality,


Intuitive modern user interface

Experience the sleek and beautiful design of the Infrastep Stairmill’s interface, crafted for modern fitness enthusiasts. Its intuitive layout ensures easy navigation, allowing you to effortlessly customize your workouts. The high-resolution display provides real-time feedback on your progress, making your fitness journey both efficient and enjoyable. Embrace the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with Infrastep’s state-of-the-art interface.

Training screen
The training screen allows you to track time, distance in floors, calories burned, and control speed in steps per minute. Additionally, you can toggle the collagen lamp and infrared IR, manage four power levels, and enable or disable the smart lock.

The Infrastep Indoor
Stair Climbing Machine: A Commitment to Excellence

Effortless Workout Setup: Enjoy quick and simple workout preparations with no complex adjustments, ensuring a seamless experience.

Ease of Maintenance: Designed for straightforward maintenance to keep your equipment in top condition.

Enhanced Training with Advanced Lighting: Combines the benefits of high-quality Quartz Infrared IR and Collagen lamps to intensify your training experience.

Low Risk of Strain or Injury: Provides a comprehensive full-body workout with minimal risk, catering to everyone from sedentary individuals to elite athletes.

Optimal Preparation: We believe training should enhance performance without causing excessive fatigue. Our equipment prepares you to excel rather than wear you down.

Natural Movement: Our stair climber complements natural body movements, optimizing human physiology for an ideal climbing experience.

Engaging Fitness Experience: Designed to make workouts enjoyable, moving users up the “fun experience” curve compared to traditional solutions.

Space Efficiency: The Infrastep boasts a compact footprint while delivering the benefits of climbing mountains or the Empire State Building stairs, making it ideal for home, office, multi-residential fitness rooms, senior centers, hotels, and light industrial applications.

Top-Tier ROI: Positioned in the top 20% performance quadrant, it delivers superior cardio, calorie burn, cellular rejuvenation, faster recovery, enhanced body functions, revitalized skin, and improved cognitive functions and endurance, ensuring immediate and significant user benefits.

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